Max Knives MK FSP - Magnesium fire starter


The MKFSP ​​is much more than just a magnesium fire starter. It's an essential companion for all your outdoor adventures, whether hiking, camping or evenings in nature.
Its exceptional robustness guarantees reliable performance, allowing you to start a fire quickly and easily.
That's not all ; The MKFSP ​​offers additional features that prove extremely useful.
Equipped with an integrated compass, it guides you on all your excursions and helps you find your way precisely. In addition, its whistle allows you to signal your presence in an emergency or to communicate with your traveling companions.
Its neat and compact design makes it a practical tool to take with you everywhere. Whether you are a lover of life in the great outdoors, a passionate camper or an adventurer eager for challenges, the MKFSP ​​is designed to meet your needs and accompany you on all your outdoor escapades.

Material: Aluminum

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