Max Knives MKCS - Survival Neck Knife


The MKCS is an essential survival neck knife for any expedition, whether in hostile environments or not. When needed, this handy card can be cut into its predefined shape to instantly transform into a functional knife. Made from stainless steel, this knife offers exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.
Designed to be versatile and practical in survival situations, the MKCS quickly transforms into a sharp tool to suit your needs. Its compact size allows you to easily store it in your survival gear or wear it around your neck for quick and convenient access.
Whether you're a wilderness adventurer or simply looking for a small, discreet knife for your survival kit, the MKCS is the ideal option. Its durability and compact design make it a reliable choice for anyone facing unforeseen situations during their outdoor adventures.

Blade steel: Stainless steel

Handle material: Stainless steel

Blade length:

Total length:

Handle length:

Blade thickness:

Blade shape:

Blade sharpening:


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