Max Knives MKO11B2 Automatic Karambit knife OTF steel blade aluminum handle


The MKO11B2 is an automatic Karambit knife.
Its dagger-type blade measures 80mm and is made of 420 steel. Its treatment gives it a hardness of 57HRC. This features an OTF double action automatic opening device. This speed is a real asset in the event of a self-defense situation.
The handle of the MKO11B2 measures 150mm and is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, giving it lightness and robustness.
The back of the handle also benefits from a clip to attach it to your belt. Thanks to its design, the handle offers good maneuverability.
Recommended for combat sports professionals, the MKO11B2 comes with a nylon case to ensure protection during transport.
Experienced enthusiasts, if you want a precision and efficient knife, the MKO11B2 is the one you need.

Blade steel: Steel 420

Handle material: Aluminum

Blade length: 80 mm

Total length: 220 mm

Handle length: 150 mm

Blade thickness:

Blade shape: Double-edged

Blade sharpening: Smooth

Finish: /

Nylon case included

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