Max Knives MKTPLTAC+ - Toothpick Tactical OTF Simple Titanium Anodized Crazy


The MKTPLTAC+ is a precision engineered toothpick. Made from 100% titanium, it combines lightness and durability. With a closed length of 73mm, it is compact and easy to transport.
This toothpick is equipped with a single-action OTF open-close mechanism, making it quick and convenient to use. The pointed part of the toothpick measures 39mm, providing optimal precision for efficient use.
At the end of the toothpick you will find a split ring that allows you to easily hang it on a holder of your choice. So you can keep it handy wherever you go.
With a total length of 111 mm, it offers a comfortable grip.
The MKTPLTAC+ is the ideal tool to slip into your adventurer's bag during your excursions.

Material: Anodized titanium

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