Max Knives MKTPLTACBV - Toothpick OTF Tactical Window breaker Titanium


The MKTPLTACBV model is a toothpick with a total length of 115 mm, designed for regular use and to stand the test of time.
Made exclusively from titanium, it is both light and durable. A simple action OTF opening-closing system is present, which greatly facilitates its use.
On the back end of the toothpick you will find a tungsten carbide window breaker. This handy feature adds extra functionality to this tool, allowing you to prepare for possible emergency situations.
With its closed length of 76 mm and the small hole at its end, the toothpick can easily be hung on a support of your choice. This allows you to always have it on hand every day, ready to use when you need it.
The MKTPLTACBV model combines functionality, robustness and practicality. Hiking enthusiasts, hang it on your favorite mount and keep it close at hand for quick and convenient use.

Material: Titanium

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