Max Knives MKTPLTACBV+ - Toothpick OTF Tactical Crazy Anodized Titanium Window Breaker


The MKTPLTACBV+ model is a toothpick with a total length of 115 mm, designed entirely in titanium with a crazy anodized finish which gives it a unique and remarkable aesthetic.
This toothpick is equipped with a single-action OTF open-close mechanism, making it easy and convenient to use.
At the back end of the toothpick you will find a tungsten carbide window breaker, adding extra functionality to this tool. This feature will allow you to prepare for any eventuality during your adventures.
With its closed length of 76 mm, this toothpick can be easily hung on a support of your choice thanks to the small hole located at its end. This way, you can keep it on hand at all times, ready to use when you need it.
Its titanium design, crazy anodized finish and practical features make it a unique accessory. Whether for everyday use or to accompany you on your adventures, this toothpick will be a reliable and elegant companion.

Material: Anodized titanium

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