Max Knives MKTPT+ - Screwed Titanium Toothpick


The MKTPT+ is a toothpick with a screw thread allowing the toothpick to be removed and stored. Made with a titanium body and pick with anodizing treatment, giving it great durability and corrosion resistance.
With a closed length of 70 mm, the MKTPT+ is easily transportable. In addition, there is a ring at the end, so you can slip it discreetly into your pocket or backpack. Once deployed, its total length reaches 119 mm, guaranteeing a comfortable and ergonomic grip for optimal use.
The pick measures 47 mm in length.
Despite its strength and robustness, the MKTPT+ is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 3 grams. This makes it an ideal travel companion for those seeking impeccable oral hygiene on the go.

Material: Anodized titanium

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