Max Knives Precision Screwdriver Set


This precision screwdriver set is the ideal tool for maintaining your knives like an expert!
It includes an impressive selection of 24 interchangeable bits, such as Phillips, flat, Torx and more. It's a complete kit that you won't soon be able to do without. The screwdriver handle measures 93mm, while the bits measure 35mm.
The microscrew set is neatly stored in a compact case measuring 105 mm x 65 mm, making it very convenient to carry on a daily basis. This multifunctional screwdriver is perfectly suited for assembling and disassembling knives. In addition, it offers the advantage of also being useful in other fields such as computing, electronics or even telephony.
Weighing only 160 g, this precision screwdriver set is easily portable for everyday use. It is also ideal for technicians who want to be equipped to handle any situation.

Material: Stainless steel

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